Back to School Car Care

Back-to-School is a busy time for students and parents alike. One thing that often gets overlooked is car care maintenance. Consider this car care checklist to help get your student—and their car—ready for a great school year:

  • Check the vitals under the hood, such as levels of engine oil, and coolant, transmission, brake and power steering fluid.
  • Check the battery. Consumer Reports suggests that you have your battery checked if it’s more than two to three years old and your car’s entire charging system checked once a year.
  • Check the tires for the correct pressure and for uneven tread wear, nails or other potential hazards.
  • Check to make sure all the lights on the vehicle are working, including the brake lights.

If you have any concerns after your own inspection, have a certified mechanic perform a safety check to minimize safety issues and get your child to school safely.

Choice Auto Sales of Jackson can help get your vehicles ready for the school year. Contact us at (517) 764-7240 for more information.

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